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[size=12]~|AAS Rules|~


What is AAS?

AAS (Anti Abuse Squad) is a group of elite [=WP=] members who are trustworthy, social, active, mature and responsible, with a good attitude to clan rules and resulting punishments to breaking them. You are in effect the police of [=WP=]. Your job, as entrusted by the Supremes and me (Maniac), is to keep the forum and all the servers clean.

Why does AAS have to do this job?

AAS does this job to stop spamming and hacking on the servers and forum. This allows the clan to run smoothly and efficiently. It also means that people can enjoy both our servers and our forum without being mistreated or offended.

How can AAS do its job?


As you can see you, the AAS, have now got access to moderating rights on every subforum on the clan website. This allows you to alter or delete any offensive posts that don’t fall within the following rules:

- no offensive language that might be disturbing or insulting to users

- no offensive pictures that might be disturbing or offensive to users

- no pictures of porn, sex or 15+ rated pictures


As AAS you now have level 15 or 16 on all [=WP=] servers. This means you have many commands which you can use to punish abusers of the server, whether they are visitors or members. Use the following guide to help you:

- swearing/displeasing/disrespect/annoying other players #1 = 5 minute mute + warning for kick

- swearingdispleasing/disrespect/annoying other players #2 = kick (reason:) no swearing/displeasing/disrespect/annoying other players

- swearing #3 = ban for 1 day (reason:) no swearing/displeasing/disrespect/annoying other players

- crossing/walljumping #1 = splat/lol + warning for kick

- crossing/walljumping #2 = kick (reason:) no crossing

- crossing/walljumping #3 = ban for 1 day (reason:) no crossing

- admin abuse #1 = 5 minute mute + warning of demotion

- admin abuse #2 = kick (reason:) no admin abuse

- admin abuse #3 = demotion by one level

- beg for level #1 (if not entitled) = warning

- beg for level #2 (if not entitled) = 5 minute mute

- beg for level #3 (if not entitled) = demotion by one level

- hack/wallhack/bot/aimbot #1 = kick (reason:) no hack/wallhack/bot/aimbot

- hack/wallhack/bot/aimbot #2 = permanent ban

- double clanning = immediate permanent ban from all servers and forum

Please try and use this wherever and whenever possible

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~|Admin Abuse Squad|~
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