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 ~|You're Whether Allowed To Post Or Not|~

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~|You're Whether Allowed To Post Or Not|~ Empty
PostSubject: ~|You're Whether Allowed To Post Or Not|~   ~|You're Whether Allowed To Post Or Not|~ EmptyThu Feb 19, 2009 3:29 am

Since this has not come to your attention guys, I have to warn you.

There is a rule that only Owners, Leaders of the Server, AAS Leaders, AAS Members, Post Makers and People involved into the case ARE ALLOWED TO ANSWER, no one else AREN'T ALLOWED TO ANSWER! If I see more posts from random people, you will be marked to our list and when you get too much marks you will be punished with a suitable punishment!

I really hope you follow this rule and I dont have to take actions but if I must, I WILL!
I dont want anyone to post topics what belongs somewhere else.
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~|You're Whether Allowed To Post Or Not|~
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