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~|Want To Join WP?|~ Empty
PostSubject: ~|Want To Join WP?|~   ~|Want To Join WP?|~ EmptyWed Feb 18, 2009 12:57 pm


1. A member of which server do you want to be?
2. Age?
3. Xfire?
4. Clans you have been in?
5. Why do you want to join?
6. Do you think you would stay with us a long time?
7. What nationality are you?
8. How were you aware of our clan? How did you hear about our

Note #1: Please, create your
own topic and put these texts into it.

After all, this topic is from now on closed. Please, post
these to your own topic that you have created to this base.

Note #2: Try to answer as
much as you're able to, we want to get all information about maybe a
''forthcoming'' member.
If you're not able to answer to the questions, your
application could be failed.
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~|Want To Join WP?|~
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